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Activity Zone

Mixology Corner

Cocktails are always a favourite at any restaurant, bar, party, or event. Mixology (the skill of mixing various drinks and ingredients to create cocktails) is a special craft that infuses creativity and flavour to enhance hospitality experiences. The Mixology Corner will bring the art of creating fun, enjoyable drinks to life. From the classics to fun innovations with a Mzansi twist?

Conservation Corner

The urgent need to preserve and rehabilitate our natural environment is highlighted through a few of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, most notably Number 14 – Life below water and Number 15 – Life on land. Nature conservation has a direct impact on the future sustainability of tourism. If you have an interest in nature and tourism, join us at the Conservation Corner to see how you can make an impact.

Hospitality Corner

If tourism were a tree, hospitality would be its roots. The two are inseparable as experience and service are intertwined. Visit the Hospitality Corner to understand the range of careers in this exciting field. From sommeliers to hotel general managers, event managers to casino directors.

Chefs Corner

Food can be linked to culture and gastronomy (the art or science of good eating). It is an important aspect of the tourism and hospitality experience. Those interested in a culinary career will benefit from the Chef’s Corner, hosted by the South African Chefs Association (SACA). Graduates from SACA’s National Youth Chefs Training Programme will demonstrate some technical aspects of the craft and showcase the vibrancy of cooking.

Virtual Classroom & Recruitment Arena

Job candidates and employers meet here. Your place to hear top tips from managers who will give you the edge. They will help to polish your key assets, groom you and give you the most up to date advice. Bring your CV along – you could get guidance on how to make it stand out. You could also meet a future employer here.

Educators’ Seminar

Our Educators Seminar takes place daily with a new line-up each day. This curated schedule brings relevant insights and allows educators to interact with speakers from various institutions, industry bodies and organisations. Click here for the programme.


Public speaking

Tourism was one of the worst affected industries at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though South African Tourism launched the Tourism Sector Recovery Plan in August 2020 as a response strategy, the sector remains under threat and requires large-scale consolidation and innovation to assist in its recovery. Young people have valuable ideas too and Grade 11 learners are invited to share their thoughts on restarting, rejuvenating and recovering the tourism industry. All this in no more than 10-minutes for added pressure.

Soft Furnishing Category

With South Africa’s incredible treasure of artistic talent and inspiration it is only proper that we promote the creation of home-grown soft furnishings. We will get a chance to see what the future holds as each Province is represented by one learner who will sew a cushion that meets the Grade 11 2021 PAT Guidelines’ criteria. On-site on the day of the competition without any input from non-participants. What’s a good product without any marketing? Each learner will be required to give an oral presentation of the production to round off the competition.

Food Preparation Category

This year sees the competition going for the sweet life – requiring each competing learner to create a 3-layer novelty cake using at least three advanced garnishing methods. With encouragement to use their own initiative and creativity it is bound to be a delicious affair, perfect for a delightful South African High Tea.